Thanida Appertizer
Thanida Thai Restaurant

 835 North Royal Street Alexandria VA 22314

 SOFT SHELL CRAB (2)  *                                                       $19.95

 Battered deep fried soft shell crab served with garlic chili basil sauce

 PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE                                                       $17.95

 Jasmine rice stir-fried with tiger prawn, onion, pineapple, egg, raisin,  curry spice

 SUN-DRIED BEEF COMBO *                                                 $16.95

 Sun-dried beef strips, side of spicy papaya salad and sticky rice

 JT SIZZLING STEAK @                                                          $18.95

 Grilled marinated steak, broccoli and side of dipping sauce

 HOT BEACH (Served crispy) **                                              $17.95

 Tiger prawn, scallop, mussel, calamari deep-fried in garlic chili basil

 SEAFOOD BBQ                                                                      $17.95

 Tiger prawn, scallop, and calamari`, marinated, skewered and grilled  with side of fried rice

 PATTAYA SEAFOOD                                                               $17.95

 Tiger prawn, scallop, mussel, calamari stir-fried in roasted chili paste,  coconut milk, with green beans, red bell pepper, green onion, encaved  in foil and served on hot plate

 SHRIMP PARADISE                                                                           $17.95 

 Sauteed tiger prawn in light garlic sauce with asparagus, mushroom and crab       meat

  THANIDA SASSY SHRIMP **                                                              $15.95         Sauteed lightly battered tiger prawn, onion, cilantro in chili garlic served with          broccoli

 CHOO CHEE (Choice of  Grilled Salmon filet or Tiger Prawn) *           $17.95

 Sautéed in roasted chili paste and coconut milk served with broccoli

 TILAPIA FILET (Choice of spicy lime sauce or chili basil sauce)          $15.95

 Deep-fried or steamed Tilapia with mixed veggies

  ROCKFISH KRA PRAO *                                                                       $16.95

  Rockfish filet stir-fried with chili garlic sauce, basil leaves, green  beans,             onions, bell peppers and mushroom

 PLA LAD PRIK  **                                                                                  $16.95

 Deep-fried flounder filet with our three flavors sauce served with mixed  veggies

  CRISPY WHOLE FLOUNDER (Served with garlic chili basil sauce)                       SEASONAL

 *    Medium Spicy            **   Spicy

 @  Containing under cooked ingredients Consuming raw or under cooked meat  may increase your risk of food borne illness