Thanida Appertizer
Thanida Thai Restaurant

 835 North Royal Street Alexandria VA 22314

 EDAMAME                                                                            $4.50

 TOFU SATAY (4)                                                                    $5.95

 Skewed soft tofu marinated, grilled and served with peanut sauce

 CHICKEN SATAY  (4)                                                             $6.95

 Grilled marinated chicken on skewed served with peanut sauce

 MOO PING (4) **                                                                    $6.95

 Grilled marinated pork on skewed with tasty spicy sauce on top

 GRILLED FISH BALL (3) **                                                   $6.95

 Skewed fish ball, grilled served with spicy sauce

 DUCK ROLL  (2)                                                                   $8.95

 Crispy roast duck, scallions, cucumber in roti flat bread wrap served  with sweet hoisin sauce

 CRISPY WONTON (8)                                                             $5.95

 Minced pork wrapped with wonton skin served with sweet and sour  sauce

 GYOZA  (5)                                                                            $5.95        Pork and veggies dumpling, deep fried served with our sweet soy  sauce

 KANOM JEEB (4)                                                                        $5.95

 Stuffed w/chicken, crabmeat, shrimp, herbs served with our sweet soy  sauce 

 SHRIMP ROLL (4)                                                                        $7.95

 Shrimp wrapped in crispy rice paper served with sweet and sour sauce

 FRIED CALAMARI **                                                                    $6.95

 Lightly battered and deep fried squid served with spicy sweet and sour  sauce

 FRIED TOFU                                                                                 $4.95

 Deep fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce and crushed peanut

 VEGGIES ROLL  (3)                                                                      $5.95

 Stuffed with veggies, bean noodles wrapped in crispy rice noodle  served  with sweet and sour sauce

 GARDEN ROLL (2)                                                                        $6.95

 Thin rice noodles, mint, lettuce, carrots, avocado wrapped in rice  paper  served with peanut sauce

 THANIDA SAMPLER                                                                    $12.95

 4 appetizers: Two chicken satay, two veggies rolls, two kanom jeeb, and  four crispy wonton

 *    Medium Spicy            **   Spicy